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What Can Class 4 K-Laser Therapy Do for Your Quality of Life?

Modern medical technology has revolutionized the ability to help individuals heal in all aspects of our profession. If you're having trouble recovering from an injury or coping with chronic pain and inflammation, you need to know about a branch of this technology that could make an enormous positive impact on your quality of life. It's called Class 4 K-Laser Therapy -- and you can get it here at Comprehensive Health Physical Rehab & Chiropractic Center.

Not all medical lasers are used as cutting and cauterizing tools, although that technology has certainly proved invaluable in various forms of surgery. Different frequencies of amplified light can have different effects on human tissue. Therapeutic lasers pass through the skin without doing any damage at all. Once it penetrates to the underlying tissue, it actually has the opposite effect -- it helps the body heal itself more efficiently. The most dramatic way it achieves this is through a process called photo-biostimulation. The light waves cue the cells to increase their production of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. This substance is the primary energy source used by all cells for the many tasks they must perform, including repairs and regeneration of tissue. This makes laser therapy an invaluable tool for accelerate the healing process for injuries or post-operative recovery. 

Laser therapy is also highly useful for reducing pain, edema (swelling) and inflammation. It does this by dilating blood vessels in the part of the body being treated. The resulting boost in circulation carries more oxygen and other nutrients to cells that require it -- but it also allows tissues to expel built-up inflammatory toxins and excess fluids. For this reason, laser therapy is extremely popular for people seeking drug-free pain relief from soft tissues or injuries or chronic inflammatory conditions such as osteooarthritis.

Ask Us About Class 4 K-Laser Therapy

There are two common classes of therapeutic laser technology is use today. The older class, Class 3, has been around for many years and has certain limitations. for instance, the laser is emitted in pulses, meaning that the beam is actually reaching the body only 50 percent of the time it's being used. It also has a relatively narrow and shallow range of effect on tissues. By contrast, a Class 4 laser emits a continuous beam; this alone would make it twice as efficient as its predecessor. But it also penetrates deeper, covers a wider treatment area, and delivers up to 1,500 times more energy -- while remaining completely safe and painless in the hands of our skilled, experienced chiropractor using our advanced Class 4 K-Laser system.

If you like the idea of speedier healing and/or drug-free relief from chronic pain and inflammation, we think you'll like Class 4 K-Laser therapy. Contact our chiropractor at Comprehensive Health Physical Rehab & Chiropractic Center to learn more!

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